Tuesday, November 11, 2008


11-5.  That would mean the Pack would have to run the table the rest of the year.  While not impossible, not very likely.  

They would have to overcome the loss of Nick Barnett.  Arguably the heart and soul of the D.  As they've shown already, they have the best secondary in the NFL, but the run D is atrocious, thanks to the loss of Cullen Jenkins.   

For me, the maturation of Nick Collins under the tutelage of Charles Woodson and Al Harris has been the best part of the season.  Along with the emergance Tramon Williams and Aaron Rouse.  

My friend SC believes it takes 30 starts for a QB to fully dictate a game.  If so, I'm alright with ARod.  I know this goes against the grain, but maybe he should just take off more, ala early Steve Young. 

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